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Aromatherapy Guidance
Essential Oil Education 

Our purpose is to guide you through the incredible uses and benefits of essential oils with our Feel-Good aromatherapy products + experiences to deliver a means to a life grounded in wellness, mindfulness, and self-care. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils

We use therapeutic essential oils that are 100% plant-based and not adulterated with chemicals and synthetic properties which makes them different from traditional perfumes and fragrances.


Our essential oils are sourced from growers and distilleries known for their commitment to the earth from sustainably sourcing plants to uplifting local communities to complying with environmental laws.

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from physical wellness to spiritual use.


Essential oils can be used in simple self-care rituals and in your daily wellness practices. They are a natural alternative to support your well-being and create a healthy home environment. My collection of everyday essential oils from the Feel Good Box is some of my favorite oils to have on hand and in my home. 


Essential Oil 101





If you were to walk in a garden or into the woods you would find aromatic, therapeutic plants. Pick a peppermint leaf, pine needles, or any fresh herb and rub it between your fingers. Now smell your hand, what you smell is the essential oil of the plant!


Essential Oils are aromatic liquids distilled from plants, bushes, trees, flowers, roots, and seeds. Each plant has hundreds of constituents that give the plant its properties. Essential oils are far more concentrated and potent than dried herbs.

Feel Good Box

Our Feel Good Box of everyday essential oils is a great way to introduce essential oils into your life. This beautiful collection of six essential oils supports a number of body systems and helps to promote emotional, physical, and mental well-being.


The Feel Good Box includes your essential oils along with a glass spray bottle, roller bottle, fractionated coconut oil, witch hazel, crystals, and a recipe card for creating aromatherapy blends. 

Learn how to blend essential oils to create your own unique aromatherapy feel-good products to use in your self-care practices, and wellness rituals and to create a healthy home environment. 


Nice to meet you!

Through my love of exploring and practicing self-care using all-natural solutions, I discovered the endless benefits therapeutic essential oils have on our well-being.


That love quickly turned into a passion and I began sharing my experience and knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy solutions.


My vision is to help others discover the benefits of self-care using essential oils and to put themselves at the top of the list of people to care for. 


Ryan Porter  - Founder of Essentially Grounded + Aromatherapy Bar

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