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Creating Unique Experiences with Essential Oils

We bring fun and wellness together to create unique experiences with functional favors and sustainable swag.

Featuring inspiring aromatics with our collection of floral, citrus, and earthy essential oils. We guide guests on a sensory journey where they experience the benefits essential oils have on the body, mind, and spirit.


We specialize in custom services + sustainable swag + aromatherapy gifts. 



Aromatic Favors

Each individualized aromatic favor creates a lasting memory for guests to remember your special event.


Dried rosebuds, flowers, and crystals are the perfect complement to our collection of eclectic glass roller bottles. Each one is handcrafted and created with love using natural elements from the earth.  

Our essential oils are all-natural, plant-based, and not adulterated with chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Our oils are pure and of the highest quality which makes them different from traditional perfumes.

Guests explore their

aromatic expression

We thoughtfully hand-picked essential oils known for their calming, uplifting, and pleasing aromas to develop an aromatic menu for your guests.


When creating one-of-kind favors and sustainable swag, guests can choose from our signature pre-made blends or have a hand in creating their own custom aromatherapy blend from our collection of essential oils.


"When using the naturally extracted aromatics of plants we can balance, harmonize and promote the health of our body, mind, and spirit.”  

- Ryan, Essentially Grounded Founder








Essential Oil

Purifying, Uplifting and Clarifying 

Lavender Essential Oil

Calming, Relaxing and Soothing 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Stimulating, Energizing and Cooling

Essential Oil

Floral, Refreshing, and Balancing



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Essential Oil

Grounding, Warm, and Woody Aroma

aroma bar set up.jpg
Essential Oil

Emotionally Refreshing,

Invigorating and Upbeat.

aroma bar set up.jpg
Essential Oil

Light, Woodsy, and Spiritualy Elevating

aroma bar set up.jpg
Essential Oil

Complex, Musky, and Earthy



Private Parties & Corporate Events

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Let's get creative!

Wellness Events

This is our jam! We are fun, interactive, and provide sustainable swag for your well-being.

Employee Wellness

We aim to spoil employees and leave a lasting impression with the gift of wellness.⁣


Showers & Weddings

We add a special and unique element to showers and weddings. We guide guests in creating signature aromatics with essential oils for one-of-kind favors. 


Special Occasions

We love making others feel extra special! We'll make your special occasion a memorable and fun event.

Signature Package for showers, events and parties

 We'd love to hear from you. 

Get in touch and we'll work with you to provide a quote.

  • Three hours of essential oil blending fun - we provide hands on guidance for party goers to make their favors

  • Aromatic Favors - guests design their signature aromatherapy blend with essential oils and glass roller bottle

  • Dried rose buds, flowers, and crystals add the perfect touch for guests to decorate their aromatic favors

  • Thank You cards

  • Essential oil note cards with aromatic descriptions 

  • Aromatherapy Bar is beautifully decorated with our collection of essential oils, diffusers, fresh flowers and exquisite elements designed to charm your guests

Aroma Bar by Essentially Grunded
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"Thank you Laura and Ryan for everything! I LOVED my Aroma Bar and I know all of my guests did too! Thank you for making my bridal shower extra special. I am in love with my lavender and peppermint essential blend."

— Lauren, Bride to Be

"My passion is curating feel-good experiences with sustainable swag and aromatic favors! My vision is to foster wellness and community through the use of essential oils for self-care."

Ryan Porter - Aromatherapy Bar Founder







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a feel good experience and the gift of wellness

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